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We are proud to be teachers of so many outstanding young individuals.

15th Aug 2012 Nicole Lee achieved A* for Phy, Chem and Add Math in IGCSE May/June Exam 2012
15th Aug 2012 Micah Kokada achieved A* for Physics and Chem in IGCSE May/June Exam 2012
8th Aug 2012 Sue Ann, Sue Zanne, Julynn from Sri Tenby scored 100% for IGCSE for Chem & Physics
12th Feb 2012 Tan Sze Yeng scored highest in SMSB, Physics 95 Marks
11th Feb 2012 Jone Hoe, Sri KL scored 77% for Chemistry IGCSE, he started with 4% 6 months ago.
8th Aug 2011 Jacklyn Accepted To UM To Do Medicine
10th Jul 2011 Many Of Our Students Are Doing Actuarial Science
3rd Jan 2011 Our Students Enter Top Class in SMSB and Sri KDU
28th Dec 2010 SPM Chemistry Tips 86% Accurate
25th Nov 2010 87% scored A in their Add Math Trial 2 exams

Super Achievers

With the right education and complementing the efforts of school teachers and parents our students has exceeded beyond many expectations and reached their highest potential, changing their life.

  • Khing Yuan – JPA Schalorship
  • Jia Mei – JPA Scholarship
  • Cathlyn Yong – Inti Scholarship & Drake University
  • Jing Li – Maybank Scholarship
  • Jackyn Lee – Universiti Malaya UM, Medicine
  • Jing Hui – JPA Scholarship
  • Ven Han – Intel Scholarship
  • Nadhira – UWC Scholarship
  • Suzanne Wong – Taylor’s College Scholarship
  • Jacqueline Tan – UTAR Scholarship
  • Yau Loong – Taylor’s College Scholarship
  • Ken Loong – KTAR Scholarship

and many more …

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