Tips for JPA Scholarship Application Interview

Hello! Are you guys having question mark when it comes to scholarship application? No worries! I am invited by your A+ teacher Mr. Sai Mun to share about my experiences with you guys here. Hope it helps 🙂

JPA and Sime Darby Scholarship 
I had attended two scholarship interviews before, which were held by JPA and Sime Darby respectively. And this took place at 2010. Let’s start with Sime Darby first.

Sime Darby Scholarship a Short Adventure
The interview for Sime Darby is divided into different stages. Only those that are selected will be invited to join the further stage of interview session. Too bad, I only attended the first stage of the interview. Alright, here’s my story. We were arranged into groups, a pretty small group which was made up of less than 10 persons if I’m not mistaken. And we take turns to enter the interview room group by group. During the interview session, we were asked to sit around a round table. The, we were given a paper. It was an article, and there were some questions as well. I remembered during my time, the article was about Harley Davidson. We were asked to discuss among each other regarding to the article and questions asked. The questions asked were mostly focus on business components. I remembered we were asked to give our opinion on how to increase the sales and revenue of the Harley Davidson as well as how to promote their products. And yea, that’s all. This was the first stage of the interview. I was not chosen to enter the next stage, so yea. Haha. From what I heard from my friends, Sime Darby only offers their scholarships to a few students, perhaps less than 10.

JPA Scholarship a Better Bet 
Indeed, it is much more easier to get an offer from JPA. As what I concern, as long as you meet the minimum requirement (8 or 9 A+ and above), you will probably get the offer from JPA. Anyway, let’s go back to interview part. Same as above, we were divided into groups and take turns to enter the room for interview. Firstly they will ask you to introduce yourselves, then give u a question and asked you to answer. It’s a situation based question if my mind does not fool me. Oh ya, if I’m right, they do ask us ‘what you wish to be in the future’ and ‘what and how can you contribute to the country with the profession you achieved’. Lastly, they will ask you about the course you interested in and which country u wish to go for studies and why. Yea, I think that’s all for the interview session.

Tips to Impress Your Panel Interviewers
Anyway, from my point of view, it’s better for you to talk about the good sides and achievements of yourselves during the introduction part. I think it may help you to impress the interviewers. But of course not to the level that making people feel that you’re actually showing off. Just yea, try to make yourselves stand out from the others and always be impressive. All the students that are called for interview are smart students, same as you, with flying colour of spm result. So what makes you different from others are your non-academic achievements or some extra skills and knowledge. And also your performance during the interview of course.

Go All The Way to Impress Them & An Overseas Scholarship In Your Hands
Alright, here’s a story I wanted to share. There’s a girl. She was in the same group as me for the JPA interview. Before our turn, she was dressed as a office lady. However, when it was our turn, she disappeared for around 10 minutes and yea, we all waited for her. Ended up, she was back, and this time she was in baju kurung. She borrowed from her friend who just done with her interview, I heard from the conversation between her and friend. I am not sure whether baju kurung will help you to add impression mark or not, but she did it. Once we stepped inside the room, spontaneously, all of us stick our butt onto the chairs provided. But, she greeted the interviewers on by one and had a shake of hand. During the introduction part, she tended to talk about all of her achievements. She also mentioned that she’s a scout and planning to take test to be King Scout and so on. She tended to talk a lot when it’s her turn to speak. Perhaps you may think that it’s a bit too over or what. Anyway, she got the offer from JPA to study at New Zealand. Because we were offered to study at the college, but different foundation course, and she’s a friend of my friend. So, maybe you guys can take it as an example. Be impressive, that’s the most important element.

I Got A Scholarship Too
And yea, I did get the offer from JPA. Currently doing biotechnology in Monash University Sunway Campus. There’s quite a lot of benefits you can get from JPA. Before I entered Monash, I did MUFY (Monash University Foundation Year) at Sunway University College. Yea, foundation was paid by JPA too. It’s a full scholarship, from foundation till you graduate with a degree. During foundation year, all of the scholars were ‘required’ to stay at hostel. Yea, JPA paid for us. Anyway, if you choose not to stay, and they do not check about it, then it’s okay. We also get allowance from JPA every month, yea, EVERY month, even though during your school holidays. When it goes into degree, JPA no longer offer you free hostel, but your allowance is increased. For you to pay for hostel perhaps.

‘Bonding’ a Scary Word
About the bonding, based on what I know about it so far, during the bonding period, we are required to work at Malaysia, no matter you work for government or private company. You must work at Malaysia during that period, that’s it. Maybe the policy has changed because before this those JPA students are required to work with government once they graduated in order to fulfill the bond. One more thing, the scholarship is offered until your degree, you can apply to further study your master as well. But I’m not too sure whether this will increase your bond with JPA or not.

Have you heard of Upgrading Your Course?
Ohya, one more thing. For example, my case, JPA offered me science course at Monash University and to take MUFY for foundation at Sunway University. We can choose to upgrade our offer to a different course, which mean change the course they offer you to a course that has higher requirement in Monash University. For instance, the requirement MUFY mark in order to pursue science course at Monash University is average 290/400 and above, while the requirement MUFY mark for engineering and medicine are 320/400 and 360/400. So in this case, if JPA offers you science course, you can upgrade your offer to engineering or medicine, if you meet the requirement. But you cannot downgrade your offer.

One more, let’s say if your foundation mark failed to meet the requirement to enter Monash University, JPA will offer you doing the same course but at different university that you can enter with your foundation mark.

Yea, that’s all. Hope it helps. Good luck and all the best. Thank you. 🙂

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