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As a homeschool, Euler International Schools offers students the most effective school classes as we have numerous passionate yet professional tutors. Students preparing for their IGCSE examinations will receive the best academic guidance from our daily lessons.

Academic Excellence

Our tutors are fully committed to produce A+ results in each and every student, so that the students are able to attain a brighter future. Our track records are excellent as 100% of our students sitting for Mathematics, Coordinated Science and Combined Science in the IGCSE May/June Examination has achieved at least a B and most of them obtained a stunning A+. Euler International Schools’ professionally-trained tutors excel in using our teaching methods, which has been proven to be effective for over a decade with hundreds of students achieving outstanding results in their IGCSE Examinations.

Accelerator Programme and Subject Notes

Our USJ and Menjalara branches provides an accelerator programme which emphasize on Year 10 and Year 11 Examinations for IGCSE. Both branches also have classes ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 to help the students prepare for their respective examinations. All our students are supplied with clear, concise subject notes which contain challenging questions to help the students achieve better grades. Students also grasp difficult concepts much easier than usual.

Community Service Projects

We believe that academic success is not the only measure of a student’s growth, therefore we also encourage our students to take part in community services such as visits to old folks’ homes and orphanages to develop values through action. This is a vital part to us because we strive to produce all-rounded students.

Other Programmes

Aside from regular IGCSE classes, we also offer entrepreneurship programmes and coding programmes to students interested. Through this, we hope our students can acquire more skills such as developing websites and business plans. The entrepreneurship programmes introduce them to basic principles of starting and developing a business and their aim is to help students learn about the value of money, the importance of savings, methods of handling customers, salesmanship as well as the importance of creativity. The coding programme, on the other hand, gives the students a chance to learn how to create a simple website in order to better prepare them for the new digital era.


Euler International USJ | HomeSchool

19-1 & 19-2, Jalan USJ 10/1F,
Taipan Triangle, Subang Jaya,
47600, Selangor.

+ 6 012 714 1370
Mr Jack Liew | Vice Principal

Euler International Kepong | HomeSchool

63-3-1 & 63-3-2, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Centre,
52200, Kepong.

+6 018 230 6626
Ms Michelle | Vice Principal

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