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Tutoring, to many, is a necessity in order for students to achieve academic excellence. However, not any tutoring will suffice. Students who are preparing for secondary and pre-university examinations need the expertise of qualified teachers and professors who have a passion for teaching. For this very reason, we are proud to introduce the tutoring excellence of VIP Education Group.

VIP Education is the premier location for superb tutoring with consistent A+ results. We have an enviable track record of student success in diverse secondary and pre-university examinations. Our team of educators are well-versed in their various disciplines and some of them even have qualifications in the doctorate level.

Our tutoring offers a wide range of subjects which include but are not limited to: Accounting, Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Physics, Bahasa Melayu, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, History, Mathematics, Physics, and Science. Furthermore, we offer an extensive tutoring platform which is geared to prepare students for:

  • A-level
  • IB
  • SPM
  • Many other pre-university examinations

Results-driven tutoring is invaluable. Undoubtedly, this degree of tutoring will help students in many ways including:

  • Allow for academic adroitness
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Renew hope for the student in attaining a brighter future
  • Elevate the student’s view of higher education and learning in general

At VIP Education, our tutoring services are offered at several locations throughout the Klang Valley.

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VIP team of teachers are admired, respected and loved by students and parents while earning high income with unlimited potential. If you are passionate about teaching, we want you to succeed with us

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We offer tuition services at different locations throughout Kuala Lumpur to make learning with us greatly convenient. Sign up at the nearest branch now!

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