1.  Teaching Methodology

Intensive, integrated, self-learning and high quality notes. Our teaching methodology has been proven to be successful and effective for over a decade with hundreds of ex-students achieving outstanding results in their IGCSE examinations. Immediate results have been seen throughout the years since we started our teaching methodology.

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  1. System

Our system is running efficiently and productively from the first until the very last day of students’ learning process with Vbest. We train our teachers to follow our system in order to produce positive results in teaching IGCSE students. We ensure students, teachers and parents are all involved in the students’ learning to ensure that their academic progress is closely monitored by all three parties.

  1. Notes

Our teachers have arranged condensed, powerful and simplified notes for students to allow quick understanding and long-term retention. We structure our notes carefully so that the information and knowledge are supplied at optimum level and both strong and weak students can easily understand them.

  1. Past year questions

Our professional teachers have included past year questions in their notes and worksheets as examples in the teaching process. We believe that past year questions are the key to achieving the best possible grade, as students will be familiar with the formats and question structures of past year papers.

  1. Self-Learning Tutorial

At Vbest, we encourage our students to have extra classes at our centre for self-learning and extra exercises. We realize that education involves the effort by both tutors and students in order to attain high-flying results. We have prepared numerous worksheets that our well-trained tutors worked hard to compile for students to practice individually. Our tutors are always ready to guide the students through if they face difficulties while studying independently.

  1. Progress report

We believe that a close monitoring of students’ academic performances and a conducive learning environment can help them to maintain and improve their results. It is a good feedback system where each student will receive full personal attention in their studies to gain maximum improvement. We send the monthly progress report to the parents so that they know how their child is doing.

  1. 100% A

All our students are proven to be able to score A in their IGCSE examinations. We promise that students who follow our system closely can score 100% A for their examinations.

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