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The premier one-on-one tuition at the convenience of your home; VPremium offers the most personalised private coaching for students who wish to achieve stellar academic results. We specialize in offering individualized academic support for students by devoting 100% of the teacher’s attention to the student for the entire duration of the session. Having said that, it’s without a doubt that VPremium is the optimal choice for superb tutoring with consistent A+ results.

Our Teachers

Through a stringent recruitment process set at extraordinarily high standards, we ensure that only the most capable individual can be a part of our teaching staff, and hence, no teacher short of excellence will be teaching your child. This is one of the reasons that VPremium is currently the most sought-after option for tutoring services by heads of states, ministers, royalties and the elites. Our team of skilled educators are perpetually well-prepared and constantly improving themselves to provide you with the top-notch quality your child deserves. Teachers Page.

Parent Online Portal

Manage your child’s tuition classes, statements and make payment conveniently online.

Subjects Offered

VPremium One-to-One tuition for Primary and Secondary IGCSE, Edexcel, SPM to Pre-U, A Level, IB students spans a wide range of subjects such as:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Add-Maths
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Geography
  • History
  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Mandarin Language
  • Malay Language

Entrance Exam Preparation Course

VPremium has helped many students passed their Entrance Exam to various private and international schools in Malaysia as well as abroad. We provide parents with sufficient information and most up-to-date consultation to increase the successful rate of enrolments to desired schools around the globe.


At Vpremium One to One our tutoring services are offered throughout Klang Valley and throughout Malaysia for online LIVE lessons.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to get a teacher?
This depends on our teachers’ availability and the day and time of your preference. Most of our teachers have a packed schedule but you may reserve their services in advance. Only shortlisted parents will be contacted.

2.What is the rate per hour?
The rate depends on the difficulty of subject and level of the student and it ranges between RM80 to RM300 per hour.

3.What is the teacher’s qualification?
You can check the teachers’ profile on our website : vip.edu.my/teachers

4. How long is one lesson?
Starting from 1 hour 30 minutes, additional hours may be added depending on the strength of the student and the teacher’s recommendations.

5. Which subjects or levels does VPremium cover?
We provide a wide range of subjects from primary, secondary to pre-university level.

6. How do I attend lessons if i’m in other states & country?
Our teachers can teach you online through LIVE sessions while students can prepare for lessons with our effective pre-recorded videos and online notes.

For Consultation

Please contact our senior manager for further consultation.

+6 016 351 9788 | Mr Desmond
+6 016 351 0288 | Mr Adrian Too

Reviews for VPremium

  • Vpremium provided me
    The mediocre teacher tells.
    The good teacher explains.
    The superior teacher demonstrates.
    The GREAT teacher inspires.
    Ms.Tan is a great teacher . She inspires her student during the lesson by using her method.Her biology notes are clear and easy to study and also come with illustration. With Ms.Tan notes , i can learn the knowledge more efficient .Ms.Tan is also a patience tutor, whenever there is a student still cannot understand the lesson, she will explain and demonstate until the student fully understand the lesson. In addition, Ms.Tan is also a helpful person, when i ask her question through online, she answers my questions clearly until i understand although she is still busying at her work. I does not regret for attending
    her biology tution .I highly recommend all of u to take Ms.Tan's biology tuition from Vpremium


  • add maths was hard for me. Well, an ordinary form 4 student who thought that year would be a honeymoon year would think that add maths was a subject to fail. I was that student who would totally celebrate if I'd gotten just a pass for it. In form 5, spm year, knowing that there's only half more year to spm. Immediately I thought I needed tuition. I found Jack through Vpremium. He was a good teacher, he made add maths so much easier. Cut the long story short, I got an A+ for add maths. This is what I got with only half a year of tuition with Jack, from just 20+ marks to A+ for spm. 🙂


  • I was about to give up on add maths as I did not understand anything,but I decided to give it one last try. Then someone recommended Vpremium to me and I get a tutor for my maths. He teaches very clearly in the simplest and fastest way possible.After a short period of time,I noticed a tremendous improvement in this subject.Without Mr Jack's help,I am certain that I would have dropped this subject.I improved from a single digit failure to a B student.

    Chi Hoe

  • I am not a 'Maths-person' if you get what I am saying. I don't really like maths, and obviously not add maths. I failed thrice and when I totally lost hope, my friend recommended me to him. Actually my friend recommended me to the other teacher, but unfortunately the teacher was too busy, and handed my case to Vpremium. Then Vpremium got me a tutor which is not just my Add math tutor but also my buddy, he is nice and patient. Sometimes when I forget a particular part which he had taught me before, he is willing to reteach and even create something funny to make me remember. Besides, he will also reply my questions through what's app and treat me food when I improved(or he is just in a good mood, I don't know). I am proud to say that throughout the hectic SPM days, I don't only have extra classes every week with him, but also a great buddy who accompanied me and brightened my day with his lame jokes. I haven't gotten my SPM results yet, and so I don't have any evidence to prove that he is a great teacher, but I can say without him, I can never pass add maths in my trials. Even if I can't get an A in my SPM, I will never regret to have him as my add math tutor. Once add math tutor, forever add math tutor. Once buddy forever buddy. (I just created that, just saying) Lastly, I am going to end this with his favorite quote that he created and he was very proud of it, THINK OF ADD MATHS, THINK OF A+, THINK OF MR AUSTIN LAU. (surprisingly, it rhymes!)

    Phoebe Ng

  • An experienced teacher who guides student to excel incessantly and also brings out your inner confidence. Definitely worth your time studying with him!

    Pui Ee

  • Vpremium provided me Professional tutor who brings textbook alive, and he is my favorite tutor all time 🙂

    Gar Jun

  • First of all,I want to thanks Vpremium as they provided a tutor which is more than a teacher to me, his teaching can make us feel the subject more easier to understand and motivated us to achieve higher goal in our future. He can be a caretaker in the other way 🙂

    wen shen

  • A couple of years ago, i was at wits end, worrying about my son's studies. He did not seem to show much interest in studies due to lack of confidence and motivation to do well in his studies. His SPM trial exam was approaching. This is when i needed help to motivate and guide my son !

    So, i googled - SPM tutors wanted.. That was where i found Soong Daiko 's blog and also from Vpremium . I emailed him and also contacted the senior manager from Vpremium. not expecting such a prompt reply. Then we became FB friend.

    That day will stay in my mind; for i have found a friend, a guide and a motivator. It was easy communicating with him regarding my son's academic progress.

    After his guidance and tutoring, my son became more confident in his studies and started doing well. He became more enthusiatic about his studies. Taiko Soong also use to gave tips on how to study effectively. In other words, he was generous with his knowledge and wanted to share it for the good of students like my son. His unrelenting encouragement pushed my son to do well in his examinations. He told me not to give up and motivated me to believe on my son's ability; while telling me ways to guide my son in his studies.

    Now, my son has completed his SPM successfully and is currently doing his degree programme at a local university. We are indeed blessed to have known him - " our angel "; who has become our dear friend.

    From the bottom of my heart : Thanks a lot.

    Doreen Chin

  • Vpremium provided the best chemistry teachers out there! His lessons are unlike the old traditional teaching methods, and proof to be very effective. They are plenty of interesting yet unique ways of remembering things that will be stuck in your head, and is very useful. His notes are also helpful, summarized, organized and simple to understand. Not to mention he is also and extremely friendly and nice teacher, class Is never boring with the funny conversations and full of snacks! Such a kind and funny teacher will make tuition a lot more entertaining and enjoyable! Truly A* worthy 🙂 thanks!


  • Best tuition teacher ever 🙂 Passion n Love

    Wen Shen Chin

  • My favourite teacher with good teaching skills and easy to understand. A+ teacher


  • Mr. Terrence is simply the beeeeeeeeeeeest physics teacher ever! He always made sure we understand whenever we have questions and the best part is that he will never ever be annoyed at you! Ask him anything you want, be it the latest breaking news or the hidden functions of a calculator ( he actually read the little booklet that came with the box ). Ask for his formula sheet if you need it, it's super helpful! Thank you for everything, Mr Terrence!


  • A very dedicated teacher. Fun to be with..caring teachers. Patient and hard working..cares for the students success.. Teachers with her heart and soul.. Treat all students equally.. A loveable teacher

    Stone Liew

  • Getting an A+ in Additional Mathematics is not an easy task. I wouldn't have achieved such great results without Mr. Austin's guidance. The passion, dedication and great patience he possesed throughout the two years are very much appreciated. I could truly understand and ace additional mathematics with his guidance. Thank you very much. 🙂

    Nicole Lee

  • I as a former student of Mr Jack would like to utilise here, as a platform to show gratitude toward Mr Jack for teaching and guiding me Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Physics during my high school period. His teaching had much facilitated me in my undergraduate studies in University of St Andrews (ranked top4 in the UK league table) His teaching had aid me in grasping various subjects such as, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics. His style of teaching had assisted me in constructing a strong fundamental base on mathematics and critical analysis which further facilitate me in my undergraduate studies. I have found his teaching being all dynamic and fruitful. I would like to again, give many thanks to Mr Jack for his teaching and guidance.

    Yong Ong

  • Best tuition teacher ever 😀


  • I received my IGCSE results yesterday and I got an A*(94%) for my physics. I am very satisfied with my results and I honestly would not have been able to achieve this without Mr Lelon.


  • An experienced teacher who guides student to excel incessantly and also brings out your inner confidence. Definitely worth your time studying with him!

    Evelyn Lee

  • I was about to give up on add maths as I did not understand anything,but I decided to give it one last try. Then someone recommended Mr jack to me.He teaches very clearly in the simplest and fastest way possible.After a short period of time,I noticed a tremendous improvement in this subject.Without Mr Jack's help,I am certain that I would have dropped this subject.I improved from a single digit failure to a B student.

    Chi Hoe

  • Math tuitions with Mr Austin always keep you awake and in focus, because his voice is ever so alarming! He is a very dedicated tutor who has helped me with my Maths during the 4 months leading up to my IGCSE. With stacks of past year papers and the extra support from Mr Austin, I've achieved an A* in my recent exams.

    Vy Wien

  • Outstanding, innovative, excellent 🙂

    Shin-Deh Beh

  • An incredible all-in-one tutor. He guides us on the academic studies as well as motivates us to build the path to a successful future career.

    Thong SengSoon

  • Best tutor ever! And always motivate us to score A+ in our exam. 100% won't regret after going to your class. Good to have you as my tutor.

    Ngo Jinren

  • I wouldn't have scored an A+ for Physics if it weren't for VPremium!

    Peh Xin Ying

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