We are looking for individuals who has passion
in the education field and making it a professional career.
Members of our team have boundless learning potential and enticing income.

Join one of the most dynamic and motivated team in the country now.


We call them teachers, lecturers, professors, trainers and motivators but all of them are educators who will change peoples life developing individuals to be doctors, engineers, scientist, managers, programmers, artist and many more that will contribute to this world. Join our team of educators and start building a teaching career while earning a five-figure income.

Educators criteria
Age between 20 to 45 years old of any race.
At least 5 years experience in teaching
Familiar with examination syllabus.
Has a minimum education level of Bachelor’s Degree.
Has the passion to build teaching as a long term career.
Full – Time or Part – Time.

Who should apply as Educators
School Teachers, Full – Time Tutors, Lecturers, Professors, Phd Holders, Examiners.

Apply as an Educator in 2 Steps
Step 1:  Fill in the Online Form here
Step 2: Send your Latest Resume with Photo to [email protected]


Upon completion of the Apprentice Programme of 2 years, a guaranteed monthly income of RM4.5k. With our proven track records to build and train great educators, we are now recruiting apprentices to join us. You will be start from zero but with proper training and our effective support and mentoring system along with your passion and energy, you stand a chance to be a highest income earner in 2 years among your counterparts. We have successfully brought up young individuals who are already earning five figures income at the age of just 23. The programme is limited to 10 individuals only per year.

Apprentice criteria
Age between 17 to 25 years old.
Has a minimum education level of SPM or equivalent.
Willing to start small and build a great career in teaching.
Has the passion and interest in teaching
Good interpersonal skills
No teaching experience needed.
Full – Time or Part – Time

Who should apply as Apprentice
SPM Leavers, Under Graduates Students, Fresh Graduates, Professionals and Post Graduates.

Apply as an Apprentice in 2 Steps
Step 1: Fill in the Online Application Form here
Step 2: Send your Resume with Photo to [email protected]

#3 The Marketing & Management TEAM

If you want to succeed and a 9 to 5 job is not for you, we can help you find your passion and build a successful career doing what you like most and earning what you deserve.
1. Web Developer
2. Graphics Designer
3. Mass Communication
4. Blogger and You Tuber
5. Personal Relationship Executive
6. Marketing Executive
7. Teacher’s assistant
8. Internship

TEAM member criteria
Has passion in what you do
Energetic and willing to learn and adapt
Full – Time or Part – Time.

please send your CV with photo to [email protected]

Pls visit our official recruitment website at

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VIP team of teachers are admired, respected and loved by students and parents while earning high income with unlimited potential. If you are passionate about teaching, we want you to succeed with us

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