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Boost your grades. VIP is certainly the place you've been looking for. At VIP, we provide tutoring for IGCSE, Edexcel, IB, A-level and Pre-U examinations.

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Our Teachers

Mr Sky

Mathematics & Physics


Mr Andrew

Biology & Science


Ms Yee Wen

Biology & Mathematics


Mr Adrian

Business Studies & Economics & Mathematics & Science


Ms Jie Lin | AD

Accounting & English


Ms Kathy

Chinese Language & Mathematics & Science


Ms Jasmine

Chinese Language & Mathematics


Mr Hwan CJ

Mathematics & Science


Mr Rui Tang

Mathematics & Science


Mr Nick Leow

Add. Maths & Physics


Ms Yi Jun

Accounting & Business Studies & Economics


Mr Chin | AD

Chemistry & Mathematics


Ms Jes Ng



Mr Eddie

Add. Maths & Mathematics


Ms Shin Jing

Biology & Chemistry


Mr Lelon Ong | AD



Ms Jezz



Ms Kah Yee

Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science


Mr Edison

Business Studies & Economics


Mr. Victor

Add. Maths & Chemistry & Physics


Mr Melvyn Chee

Business Studies & Economics


Mr Hazim

Mathematics & Science


Mr Benson

Economics & Science


Ms Kaiser | AD



Ms Josephine

Bahasa Melayu & Mathematics


Ms Rachel

Add. Maths & Mathematics & Science


Mr Jim



Mr Eric

Business Studies


Mr Kenny

Mathematics & Science


Ms Evie



Ms Batrisya



Mr Rong Bin

Economics & Mathematics


Mr Fahmi

Chemistry & Physics


Mr Dylan

Biology & Chemistry


Ms Joan | AD

Biology & Chemistry


Ms Yuki



Mr Zi Yao

Mathematics & Science


Top 10 Teachers

Mr Khing | AD

Biology & Chemistry

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Mr Austin Lau | AD

Add. Maths & Mathematics

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Mr Sai Mun | AD

Chemistry & Physics

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Mr Ivan Soh | AD

Physics & Science

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Mr Jack Liew | AD

Add. Maths & Physics

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Mr Desmond | AD

Mathematics & Science

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Mr Brad | AD

Accounting & Business Studies & Economics

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Mr Joe | AD

Biology & Chemistry

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Mr James Ng | AD

Accounting & Economics

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Mr Keith | AD

Add. Maths

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We offer tuition services at different locations throughout Klang Valley to make learning with us greatly convenient. Sign up at the nearest branch now or call +60103642594.

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The individualized instruction can be tailored according to the student's needs and pace. Contact +6 010 2771823.

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Group Tuitions

With an emphasis on the exchange of ideas and information, the group instruction provides students with an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

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Most Effective A+ Notes

We have prepared subject notes for our students to ensure they experience the most effective learning system from us. The notes are concise and up to date with 60,000+ pages and growing daily.

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Teacher Development

Our senior teachers and academic directors have more than 10,000 teaching hours experience. VIP also acknowledges that teachers play a very significant role in influencing student achievement in their studies and lives. For this reason, VIP teachers are required to undergo teacher training specially provided by our centre.

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We have collected more than 253 reviews from students and parents. This a comprehensive list of reviews about us which includes our unique teaching methodology, quality of notes, teachers delivery and more.

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Track Record

We are proud of our students of May/June 2016 of their stellar achievements.More than 90% of our students scored A*/A for Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics. More than 80% score A*/A for Biology, Business Studies and English.

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TIPS on how to survive AUSMAT by scoring ATAR 90 above

Posted by Unknown on April 6, 2020.

Tips to survive AUSMAT by scoring ATAR 90 above First of all, let me give you a short brief about AUSMAT and myself. I graduated from Sunway college Ausmat course in 2019 and got an Atar score of 93.85. My scores have been maintaining on 90 above, it is a satisfactory result so I am here to tell you how you can achieve the score you desired. AUSMAT program is a world-wide recognised program...

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SPM Matematik 2020 - YouTube Tuition Lessons

Posted by mr sai mun on December 29, 2019.

There are some new changes to SPM Matematik 2020, which means the Form 4 2020 will be using the new syllabus and Form 5 SPM 2021 will be affected. Here are the videos in Bahasa Melayu to help with your revision and crash course. Pls go to our YouTube Channel for more videos. Bab 1 Tingkatan 4 | Fungsi & Persamaan Kuadratik Dalam Satu Pemboleh Ubah (Bhg. 1) Bab 1 Tingkatan 4 | Fungsi...

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  • I have been studying under Ms Jes for quite a while now and I have not met such a complete and amazing teacher for Accounting before. Ms Jes has a very friendly and kind attitude and that helps me absorb the information she teaches with ease. She prepares notes that she can use to explain the content and concepts of Accounting topics and this improves my understanding of Accounting a lot more than before she started teaching me. She is not just helpful in Accounting but also life problems. She is the ear who listens when you feel down. Apart from that she is also a role model you can look up to as she has many good habits that can benefit youself greatly, for example: determination, willpower, organisation, time management and a lot more. I would 110% recommend this teacher for whoever takes IGCSE Accounting and is having difficulty understanding it.

    Koh Ji Shen

  • Mr Edison is very engaging and interactive with his students in class. He also provides clear and thorough information, and is a really good teacher in general ❤️


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