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Highly Effective Notes

Special notes are prepared for students to ensure they can achieve their highest potential within the shortest time. The notes are carefully structured in detail from all angle of learning which are concept layout, straight to the point facts, latest practice questions and past examination questions.


Continuous Updates & Iterations

After more than 12 years of consistent improvement and iteration on the notes and the delivery of lessons, we have a tested and proven learning system which can help students to achieve outstanding results regardless of the academic track records. We believe students can improve significantly when they are taught using a system which matches his/her character, thus our learning system has been structured to be adaptive to students characters.


Personalised Learning

The notes are designed and prepared by a team of experienced teachers which are quickly adaptable to each students academic level and behaviour. Each subject notes are divided generally to:

Top-Grader students who wants to confirm scoring A in their exams will find many challenging practice questions.

Average to Weak-Grader students who wants to achieve better grades will find the concept layout easy to grasp and questions which can test their understand immediately.

Adventurous students who wants to know more in-depth and application of relevant concept will find it interesting.

With the highly effective notes, our team of teachers are fully capable of handling different character of students and increasing their learning curves.


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IGCSE Chem y10-page-001      IGCSE Chem y11-page-001
add maths-01      chemistry F4 CP-03
chemistry F4 CP-02      chemistry F4 CP-01
 bio phy-03       bio phy-02

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